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Every American Specialty Vehicle is designed and engineered with superior quality and attention to detail to offer our customers the most reliable ambulance in service. When we say our emergency vehicles are “Built for Life,” we mean it. To back up this claim, we offer one of the most comprehensive warranty programs in the ambulance industry. Our extensive network of dealers and service centers will work with you to file any warranty claims should an issue arise. We want you to get the most from your American Specialty Vehicles ambulance for years to come and our warranty and technical service department is dedicated to your satisfaction.

“Built for Life,” a high quality, custom handcrafted ambulance from American Specialty Vehicles will serve your EMS crew and community for years to come. It is important to note that the American Specialty Vehicles warranty is fully transferable to subsequent owners. This is good news if you are looking to sell your emergency vehicle to buy a new ambulance, or if you are interested in purchasing a used ambulance model.


  • Structural – 5 years
  • Conversion – 3 years 36,000
  • Electrical – 5 years unlimted
  • Paint – 5 years unlimted

  • The American Specialty Vehicles warranty will cover any component manufactured by American Specialty Vehicles, Inc.

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    Ambulance Maintenance


    Ambulance maintenance can help improve the life of your ambulance by increasing reliability, durability, performance, and reducing downtime. Providing routine and preventative maintenance can help protect your ambulance from major repair expenses by eliminating issues or detecting issues early enough to prevent more extensive damage. As emergency response vehicles, ambulances must always be maintained to provide safe and reliable response. Some mechanical failures are inevitable, but preventative and regularly scheduled maintenance checks can eliminate these failures.

    Ambulance operators should check certain aspects of their ambulance once monthly, once every three months, once every six months, and once every year. Smaller tasks, like checking tires and suspension systems, should be done every month. Bigger tasks like checking cooling system lines or waxing all interior surfaces can be done on a bi-annual or annual basis.

    The below lists are guidelines for maintenance tips for your ambulance. If you have any questions about ambulance maintenance or ambulance preventative maintenance, contact your American Specialty Vehicles dealer or American Specialty Vehicle’s service department!

    With dealer partners located across the nation, we are always recruiting new ASV ambulance dealers.

    If you are interested in joining the American Specialty Vehicle family, please contact us. Once your request has been received, we will follow up to discuss the criteria to become a American Specialty Vehicles ambulance dealer. If your business meets these requirements and you wish to proceed, we will continue the process by scheduling visits to your facility and opportunities for you to travel to ours. While this can be a somewhat lengthy process with many obligations on both ends, we encourage you to find out more if you are interested. We invite the opportunity to work with new dealer partners who are passionate about our products and serving the EMS industry.

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